Orgasmik Intelligence is simply using your seven senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, balance, intuition) and sexual energy to heal and empower yourself

So... What is Orgasmik Intelligence?

Orgasmik Intelligence (OI) is an individual’s response to their innate orgasmic state/potential.

Our OI is determined by how we use our orgasmic energy/state/potential to propel us forward naturally in our daily lives. OI can enhance our decision-making process, our creative abilities, our ideas, and our actions. OI can be used to heal and empower oneself.

What is orgasmic state or potential?

This refers to how opened your seven senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, balance, intuition) are to experiencing every moment of the day, and life in general. Every time you feel an ecstatic sensation, do you pause to embrace and enjoy it? Or do you ignore or suppress it away? When we ignore or suppress these orgasmic moments, we lessen our orgasmic state/potential; hence we decrease our OI.

By now, you would have realized that this has something to do with orgasms. Yes, it certainly does.

Orgasm has been known as the release of sexual tension during the stimulation of the genitals or some other erogenous area of a person’s body.

Well, I’m here to tell you that orgasm goes way beyond that. Now, don’t misunderstand me – that’s orgasm too; but there’s more to orgasm.

It’s very important to recognize that orgasm is not always related to a sexual experience, but it’s always related to our sexual energy – which is our life force.

Some other examples of orgasms are: that rippling sensation of goose/cold bumps moving across your skin; an overwhelming sensation which swells your heart on seeing/hearing a loved one; that blissful tingling that arises as you read a poem, book or a blog or as you watch a movie, listen to a song or see a painting that moves you; that tantalizing taste of a sip of coffee or a square of chocolate; that need to hold that deep breath taken upon gazing at the sun rise or sun set; a dance of shivers up your spine; that moment which forces you to close your eyes and experience through your other senses; a good cry which relives – just to name a few. Those (and I’m sure you can think of many, many more, now that you see where I’m coming – pun intended – from) are orgasms.

Orgasm is life!

So we not only need to learn to identify, but to also fully embrace and enjoy the experience of the orgasm in everything we do.

I encourage you to count your orgasmic moments – daily!

Because there are different intensities of orgasm and each person is at a different level which is the Orgasmik Intelligence Level (OIL), it is very important that you know where you’re at and that you embrace your orgasmic state. This is the key to enhancing your orgasmic potential.

The Afrakan Jade Kawaida (AJKA) can help you determine your OIL. Upon determining your OIL, you can then chart a way forward to enhance your OI and watch your life transform.

You learn:

Art of Orgasm

Intrapersonal Communication

Understanding Feminine Divinity/Power (Personal Power)

Cultivating Sexual Energy

This unique system covers a wide range of topics encapsulating the power of the mind, body and spirit.

Now, ask yourself “how much do I tap into my innate orgasmic state?”

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  1. Carol on 03/09/2017 at 10:01 pm

    Hi Katrina…how are you?

    Are the Yoni Eggs here all that you have in stock? Do you normally bring the sets of 3? And do you bring other gemstones? Green Jade and Watermelon Quartz are the eggs I’m most interested in.




    • wavesofbliss on 30/10/2017 at 10:12 pm

      hey Carol. I’m superb. I hope you are too! Yes, what you see on the website is what’s in stock presently. I don’t advocate use of what are termed in the market at small and large eggs. Take a look my video why at The Nephrite Jade will be soon available. Watermelon quartz is created through a unique coloring process. So I wouldn’t recommend it for internal use.

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