How Vaginal/Yoni Eggs Are Used In AJKA

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The Afrakan Jade Kawaida (AJKA) is an orgasmic healing and empowerment system for women and couples.  One of the tools used to enhance a woman’s orgasmic potential, vaginal toning and dexterity, womb wellness and overall vitality, is the vaginal egg, also called a yoni or goddess egg.

Vaginal eggs have been used for centuries for feminine core conditioning and healing.  It is documented in literature that the practice originated in China, where the king’s queen and concubines used the eggs to maintain vaginal fitness – much to the delight of the king.

Although this is the most popular and well-known use of the vaginal eggs, over the years, more and more women have been using them for personal healing and empowerment – first and foremost.  And that’s what I advocate!

I advocate that any woman who chooses to embark on a journey of vaginal egg use, should do so for herself.  Making the choice for personal benefits, first, sets an unshakeable foundation upon which to build.

How The Vaginal Egg Is Specifically Used?

Well, the egg is inserted into the vaginal canal and various exercises and techniques are routinely practiced on a daily basis.  These daily practices enhance the conditioning of the vaginal canal, with improved sensitivity, toning and dexterity, and natural lubrication – subtlety. Then, there’s the extreme where the vaginal muscles can become so strengthened that the fluidity of the vaginal walls is reduced and becomes more rigid and tight, which causes desensitization and less potent vaginal orgasms.  I, however, am a promoter of balance and bliss – subtlety and succulence.

To achieve this, I recommend a mixture of Kegels (strengthening of pelvic floor muscles), deliberate isolation of the vaginal muscle groups and exercises which stretch the pelvic floor muscles.  I called this the “Mix of Bliss”.

How Do You Know What Is Enough?

I simply suggest: less is more.  It’s similar to whether a person goes in the gym to build muscle mass or to tone.  To build muscle mass, the person will lift heavy weights, compared to a person who wants to tone who’ll lift lighter weights and with more reps.  Although I’ve used the analogy of a gym workout, use of the vaginal egg isn’t like a gym workout.  Yes, there are specific exercises and techniques, but not necessarily reps and sets.  For consistency and gauging purposes, you can count the reps of each exercise, but not to the extent where you must complete a specific number of sets of a specific number of reps daily.  (But if it’s extreme you aim to achieve, then you certainly can turn it into a workout).

As a Sensual Empowerment Coach, I don’t recommend hard-core training, as this tends to lead to desensitization and rigidity of the vaginal tissues and walls as previously mentioned.  This may result in reduced orgasms – in frequency and length of time.

How Does Use of Vaginal Eggs Lead to Overall Wellness and Vitality?

When the vaginal egg is inserted into the vaginal canal daily, the canal is being exercised.  As is the same with regular exercise, the veins stretch and allow more blood and oxygen to flow.  Hence, the vaginal canal and surrounding organs are getting an increase in oxygen supply.  In exchange, more carbon dioxide (which is a toxin) is being removed from the vaginal canal and surrounding organs.  This enhances the flow of life force cycles and energy; which results in better functioning vaginal canal and surrounding organs.  And, when our womb space (the reproductive organs) is functioning properly, we tend to be more energetic and healthier – transmitting positivity through-out our entire system.

In addition, use of vaginal eggs encourages womb-focused awareness.  Because you’re aware that the egg is inserted, it brings your attention more often to your womb space – which is a power source.  When you consciously tap into that source, consistently with love and nourishment, it’s synonymous with adding wood to the fire.  It reconnects you with your goddess-self, opening pathways that were possibly once closed or of which you weren’t fully cognizant.

When this (re)connection occurs, a woman starts to see her full power.  She loves herself unconditionally and lives authentically – without apology.  It’s like a spiral of healing, igniting from within – healing herself, as she heals generations of women past, present and future.

Do You Need To Use The Vaginal Egg To Achieve These Results?

You can achieve everything I’ve discussed in this article without the use of vaginal eggs – yes.  But let me put it this way: you can walk on flat surfaces daily and still maintain a level of fitness.  But if you incorporate steps or inclines, you’ll see quicker results because of the added resistance.  Hence, a woman can become womb-focused and attain vaginal fitness and dexterity without use of vaginal eggs.  However, the egg supports faster results. Simple.

Where Can You Learn How To Effective Use Vaginal Eggs?

The Glowing Goddess Playshop is a personal space for women who want to learn more about vaginal eggs, sensual empowerment and Orgasmik Intelligence.  There are also webinars held through-out the year and private coaching.  If you have a group of friends, a customized workshop can be arranged.  Go to www.orgasmikintelligence/shop to purchase your Geomologist-certified vaginal eggs, which are shipped worldwide.

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