• To teach the history of Yoni Breathing
• To demonstrate the benefits of Yoni Breathing
• To discuss the anatomy of the female reproductive organs
• To train instructors who will be able to provide effective coaching at a high standard

Course Outline
• History of Yoni Breathing
o The founder of Yoni Breathing
o The fundamentals of the Shakti-pati Tantric Guru Yoga system
o Understanding the Feminine Divine
• Basic womb and pelvic wellness
• Fundamentals of effective intra-personal communication
• The meaning of chanting
• Yoni Breathing practical (students guided by course instructors)
• Yoni Breathing practicum (students guide other women)

Course Information
• Course delivered via conference call (students must have access to video)
• One 2-hour class weekly
o One hour of theory
o One hour of practical
• 6 sessions of Yoni Breathing practical (mandatory for issuing of certificate)
• 3 sessions of Yoni Breathing practicum (mandatory for issuing of certificate)

Course Duration: 6 weeks

• Tafari-sudra Khumbaka, Tantric Master and Founder of the Shakti-pati Tantric Guru Yoga
• Katrina M. Ifill, Sensual Empowerment Coach and Creatrix of Orgasmik Intelligence™

Price: US$250.00 by September 27, 2018 (includes all course materials)

Award: Certified Yoni Breathing Instructor

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