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providing you with tried, tested and proven tools and techniques for all your womb wellness, relaxing, self love, self empowerment and self healing needs. The journey with us is indeed blissful.

  • Playshops

    The workshops include the Glowing Goddess Playshop, Orgasmik Intelligence Int'l Playshop, private and customized workshops and mini workshops.

  • Vaginal/Yoni Breathing

    Vaginal Breathing is an orgasmic technique for women, which helps to open the pelvic area to intake vibrant and positive energy/chi into and expel stagnant and negative energy/chi from their womb space. It also assists with re-connection of the heart and womb space, which is vital for conscious decision making.

    Vaginal Breathing is a great relaxation technique and helps to improve the sensitivity, elasticity and enhance the agility of the vaginal canal. A great practice for vaginal rejuvenation.

  • Training Courses

    Certification Courses available in Yoni Breathing Instructor and Yoni Egg Instructor.  See the upcoming events for course dates.

Sensual Empowerment Coaching

This coaching session includes pelvic floor muscles assessment, the provision of prescribed sensual movements and/or exercises based on the findings of the assessment and other womb wellness techniques. Use of yoni eggs may be incorporated.

Upcoming Events

The workshops include the Glowing Goddess Playshop, Orgasmik Intelligence International Playshop, customized workshops and mini workshops.  Certification training courses include Yoni Breathing Instructor and Yoni Egg Instructor

offer many types of body work and aroma therapy for relaxation, relief, release and bliss