How Do You Know What Is Enough?

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I simply suggest: less is more.  It’s similar to whether a person goes in the gym to build muscle mass or to tone.  To build muscle mass, the person will lift heavy weights, compared to a person who wants to tone who’ll lift lighter weights and with more reps.  Although I’ve used the analogy of a gym workout, use of the vaginal egg isn’t like a gym workout. 

Yes, there are specific exercises and techniques, but not necessarily reps and sets.  For consistency and gauging purposes, you can count the reps of each exercise, but not to the extent where you must complete a specific number of sets of a specific number of reps daily.  (But if it’s extreme you aim to achieve, then you certainly can turn it into a workout).

As a Sensual Empowerment Coach, I don’t recommend hard-core training, as this tends to lead to desensitization and rigidity of the vaginal tissues and walls as previously mentioned.  This may result in reduced orgasms – in frequency and length of time.

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KAtrina Ifill

Sensual Empowerment Leader & Massage Therapist at Waves of Bliss, Creatrix at Orgasmik Intelligence, Communications Specialist & Digital Marketing Consultant at Ka Kommunications.

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