How Does Use of Vaginal Eggs Lead to Overall Wellness and Vitality?

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When the vaginal egg is inserted into the vaginal canal daily, the canal is being exercised.  As is the same with regular exercise, the veins stretch and allow more blood and oxygen to flow.  Hence, the vaginal canal and surrounding organs are getting an increase in oxygen supply.  In exchange, more carbon dioxide (which is a toxin) is being removed from the vaginal canal and surrounding organs.  This enhances the flow of life force cycles and energy; which results in better functioning vaginal canal and surrounding organs.  And, when our womb space (the reproductive organs) is functioning properly, we tend to be more energetic and healthier – transmitting positivity throughout our entire system.

In addition, use of vaginal eggs encourages womb-focused awareness.  Because you’re aware that the egg is inserted, it brings your attention more often to your womb space – which is a power source.  When you consciously tap into that source, consistently with love and nourishment, it’s synonymous with adding wood to the fire.  It reconnects you with your goddess-self, opening pathways that were possibly once closed or of which you weren’t fully cognizant.

When this (re)connection occurs, a woman starts to see her full power.  She loves herself unconditionally and lives authentically – without apology.  It’s like a spiral of healing, igniting from within – healing herself, as she heals generations of women past, present and future.

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KAtrina Ifill

Sensual Empowerment Leader & Massage Therapist at Waves of Bliss, Creatrix at Orgasmik Intelligence, Communications Specialist & Digital Marketing Consultant at Ka Kommunications.

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